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[AUCTeX] Re: What is the correct way to activate auctex and tex-mik?

From: Ulrike Fischer
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: What is the correct way to activate auctex and tex-mik?
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2005 15:58:37 +0000 (UTC)
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Ralf Angeli <address@hidden>  schrieb:

> * Ulrike Fischer (2005-12-02) writes:
>> I installed an emacs from
>> and first auctex 11.55. I activated it with 
>> (require 'tex-mik)
>> That worked fine.
>> Yesterday I installed auctex 11.81 above the existing installation. 
> How?  What commands did you use?

The same that I used to install the older version: ./configure, make, make 

>> emacs complained it can't find tex-mik. 
>> It worked after I copied tex-mik.el from site-lisp/auctex/ to
>> site-lisp. 
> Should not be necessary if the installation worked correctly.

I guess the problem was that the folder auctex wasn't yet in the load path 
because I hadn't load auctex.el.  

>> In the documentation I found in the section about changes, that the 
>> recommanded way to activate auctex is now 
>> (load 'auctex .....). 
>> That worked, but didn't load tex-mik.
> Yes, in AUCTeX 11.81 you have to load tex-mik.el(c) separately with
> (require 'tex-mik)
> /after/ the `(load "auctex.el" nil t t)' statement.

Oups. And it is even in the documentation ;-(. I think I must have looked 
in the older documention on my notebook. (I haven't quite mastered yet 
switching between documentation and the .emacs file). It works fine now. 

>> Adn what it the recommanded way to deinstall auctex? Uwe Siart says 
>> ( one should
>> delete some folders and files and some commands in site-start.el. But
>> I couldn't find anything in site-start.el which does look like auctex
>> command. Does auctex really write something in this file?
> I haven't looked at the instructions Uwe gave in this document.  Maybe
> he recommends to create a site-start.el file?  The AUCTeX installation
> routine does not create it itself.

No, he says:

Weil während der Neuinstallation der Emacs vom Installationsskript 
gestartet werden muss, ist noch ein kleiner Kunstgriff notwendig: Aufgrund 
einer vorhergehenden Installation stehen die Anweisungen zum Laden von 
AUCTEX noch in site-start.el. Weil aber während der Neuinstallation keine 
AUCTEX-Dateien vorhanden sind, führen diese Anweisungen zu Fehlern und 
Emacs kann nicht gestartet werden. Daher muss man bis zum Abschluss der 
Neuinstallation entweder alle AUCTEX-Anweisungen in site-start.el
auskommentieren oder – einfacher – die Datei site-start.el selbst für die 
Dauer der Installation entweder umbenennen oder verschieben. Danach kann 
das neue AUCTEX wie unter Abschnitt 5 beschrieben installiert werden. 

I didn't find anything in site-start.el and simply installing auctex again 
without removing anything worked fine (apart from my confusing about the 
commands in the .emacs-file). 

> If you want to spare yourself all this hassle you can download a
> precompiled CVS Emacs including AUCTeX 11.81 from
> <URL:>.  There isn't needed much more
> than just unpacking it a the desired place to get going.  You just
> have to add
> (require 'tex-mik)
> to your init file.  AUCTeX's activation is already done by the
> distribution.

I quite like the version from because it contains some 
quite useful customation for windows user. So I don't have to all by 
myself. And I don't mind a bit of hassle. 

Could you give me an advice what key I could use instead of C-c as a 
prefix? With C-c I can't insert e.g. font commands around a selection 
because in the cua-mode C-c copies. 

Ulrike Fischer
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