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[AUCTeX] What is the correct way to activate auctex and tex-mik?

From: Ulrike Fischer
Subject: [AUCTeX] What is the correct way to activate auctex and tex-mik?
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 11:46:45 +0000 (UTC)
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I installed an emacs from and 
first auctex 11.55. I activated it with 
(require 'tex-mik)

That worked fine.
Yesterday I installed auctex 11.81 above the existing installation. 
emacs complained it can't find tex-mik. 
It worked after I copied tex-mik.el from site-lisp/auctex/ to site-lisp.

In the documentation I found in the section about changes, that the 
recommanded way to activate auctex is now 
(load 'auctex .....). 

That worked, but didn't load tex-mik. I coundn't find a customize option 
to change to tex-mik, so I tried to change in auctex.el tex-site to tex-
mik: that worked but again only if I first copy tex-mik. 

Did something go wrong during the installation? Or is it a bug that tex-mik 
isn't found from the start? And how should I switch to tex-mik when I use 
the (load -command? 

Adn what it the recommanded way to deinstall auctex? Uwe Siart says 
( one should delete some 
folders and files and some commands in site-start.el. But I couldn't find 
anything in site-start.el which does look like auctex command. Does auctex 
really write something in this file?

Ulrike Fischer
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