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Re: [Advent-devel] uses of advent

From: Frank W. Samuelson
Subject: Re: [Advent-devel] uses of advent
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 20:25:37 -0600
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Ingo Ruhnke wrote:

1) create a 3D-navigation-mesh out of polygons and triangles, so that
   the connection from one triangle to another one would show which
   paths are walkable and which aren't, instead of simply having a 2d
   projection. This would require a special editor for the polygon
   data and a bit pathfinding code inside the engine. I am going to
   implement this at some point, but probally not in the near future.
   Anyway, this is what would solve this and a lot of other problems.

Not to push, but when do you think you might work on this again?
This code seems to be the best available adventure game engine
for Linux out there, especially for the types of games I'd
like to put together.

2) A quick&dirty workaround would be to have trigger-regions
   (currently not implement, but that should be pretty easy). So you
   would have a colmap without the brigde in it and another colmap
   with only the bridge in it. You would place trigger-regions at the
   start and at the end of the bridge and once the player walks into
   such a region a trigger could get issued, which would switches from
   the non-bridge colmap to the bridge-colmap. Once the player is
   going to leave the bridge it would switch the colmap back.

How difficult would it be to define a sort
of generalized region trigger defined?  For
example, a door would be a specific kind of trigger region that
changes scenarios.

Could you give me a quick pointer to the location in the code to
do this?  Thanks.

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