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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Re: Artwork into Wiki?

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Re: Artwork into Wiki?
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 17:17:27 +0100

Am 25.02.2006 um 02:38 schrieb Andrew Phillips:

I've added the text of an archived version of the 0.4 plot pdf, and
pulled the .dot graphs off savannah. However, when I tried to upload
the *.dot files to the wiki, it quibbled.

That's because you can only upload .png, .jpg and .ogg files. (And even then it might not always work, due to directory permission problems - graphics are not stored in the database, but directly on the webserver).

Anyway, the .dot files themselves are only a textual description of the actual plot graph. You'll have to run them through the dot tool to turn them into a real image. Something like 'dot -Tpng *.dot' should do the trick. I could do that, if you want.

Btw., I've made a backup of the database and images yesterday, just in case. Might have to do that more regularly, now that lots of editing is taking place.



On 2/23/06, Andrew Phillips <address@hidden> wrote:
I am still working on bringing the plot stuff up-to-date. I've moved
the WE mapguide, but we've done a lot of thinking and deciding since
it was last editted. My main question is how much of what was on the
draft map still needs to be included - particularly the ruins, the
village gates, and the waterfall shop.
I guess the overall question is: we've compiled a list of NPCs and
described almost all of them in some fashion. Does the list need to be
lengthened to incluede more merchants, more guards, more brigands,

On 2/22/06, Kai Sterker <address@hidden> wrote:
Von: James Nash <address@hidden>

(Forwarded to the list so that everyone knows what's been going on.)

Reviving our monthly IRC meeting would be really great, I think.
Especially if we could get more people involved.

Which brings me to the next point: since the Wiki is quite complete,
it might be a good time to suggest Adonthell as game of the month on That might get some people attracted ...

The only things that are still missing from the Wiki are:
* the gfx doc (which is quite short anyway)
* a few pieces of dlgedit doc
* most of the DB and Adonthell plot stuff.
* some cross-references

If we get most of those done, it would be about time to look out for
one or two programmers again. I will certainly do some work every now and then, but that is by far not enough. (next on my list is finishing the dialogue engine migration and getting dlgedit to work with the new
quest system)

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