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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Odd incident

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Odd incident
Date: 12 Feb 2002 20:37:35 +0100

Really weird, I'd say. Here are my impressions while reading:

Avatar> you see i have asimular engine that is done in VB and works on
line the thing is we lost the source code and i no longer have
programmers around anymore as they moved 

I'm quite surprised they "lost the source code". His website is still
updated and the game seems to be still running, no? Some others
sentences (like the "I can't program" while he seems to have kind of
developped the engine he's talking about) lack a bit of sense.

About the graphics, I'm more than suspicious. The guy says he owns the
rights for the graphics. Where did he get them? Could we re-distribute
them under a free licence? I don't think so. Also, isn't our goal to
have totally original graphics? Re-taking graphics from a commercial
game wouldn't be as cool as having our own ("hey, the lammahs rip over
Dark Sun's gfxs!"). And as you said, the graphics will probably not fit

Making the game playable online is not a priority right now (even though
it shouldn't be very hard). But if he wants to make it, he can feel free
to do so. Nothing prevents him from participating to the project,
although he said he doesn't have programming skills. The other problem
is that he doesn't seems very aware of the open source development model
(it looks like they developped their engine a totally different way than

All in all, it sounds bizarre to me. I'm not sure he understood that our
work is freely distributable and downloadable at no charge. Maybe I
sound a bit too suspiscious, but the guy says a lot of things while
showing only a little... and we've seen lots of non-serious guys until
then. The question is "how could he make the project advance?", as this
is our goal right here :)

Hey, just thinking about it... The guy wants a online RPG engine that
runs under windows right now... How about redirecting him to Ari***e? ;p


PS: (Ah, just seen Joseph is suspiscious too. Maybe I'm not THAT
paranoid then ;))


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