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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Re: [Adonthell-general] quiet list?

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Re: [Adonthell-general] quiet list?
Date: 12 Feb 2002 20:41:33 +0100

le mar 12-02-2002 à 17:37, Benjamin Walther-Franks a écrit :
> On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 11:19:45AM -0500, Joseph Toscano wrote:
> > Ben wrote:
> > > P.S.: Could you just explain to me what you mean by chrono trigger
> > characters? - thanks :)
> > 
> > Chrono Trigger:
> > 
> > Secret of Mana:
> > 
> > Similar styles. Both very large by usual SNES RPG standards.
> Oh, I see. "Chrono Trigger" is actaully a game. I had never heard of it.

I think I've shown it to you while you were here. The gfxs are really
nice (in terms of dimensions at least, although they are much too small
for us) and I think you can have some inspiration from them ;)

To answer your other mail, 40x80 is just a guideline, as you said.
Actually the characters should even be finner than 40 pixels, I'd say.
Would you like to overlap these dimensions, no problem - but don't draw
weapons right now as they could be handled separately of the characters,
to limit the amount of gfxs.

Looking forward for your character anyway! :)


PS: Why has this thread moved to adonthell-devel? Joseph, is your mail
client well configured? ;)

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