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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Battle System

From: Joseph Toscano
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Battle System
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 16:32:06 -0500

Kai wrote:
> Although I'm still in favour of
> a system where you have to think a little too.

Indeed, I like both ways. But there is definitely a charm to SoM's system
that makes it really fun. I'd like Adonthell to have a system like that.
Something that you don't see every day, and which is very fun.

> > [*] The other party members (I'd say about a total of three characters
> > party) follow the main character around and also do battle based upon
> At least it should be possible to issue general commands, like 'defend',
> 'protect', 'attack strongest/weakest/closest'.

Yep. I think there should be an "Ally AI Configuration" screen, wherein you
can decide whether the character should be generally defensive, or
offensive, or what.

> I do like this idea - partly ;). The idea of weapon power ups is quite
> but they had to integrate better with the gameworld.

Yeah, I was just making a quick suggestion (about the blacksmiths). There
definitely should be more complexities with the weapons. However, I think
there still should be a set number of them existing in the world.

> Magic, like other things should be present in all parts of the game, not
> in the combat part.

Sure. I think the magic system that I proposed could easily fit into the
plot. It just depends on how the plot eventually unfolds. For example, where
do the monsters come from? Some of them are just savage beasts and are mere
nusiances; they should only be able to attack physically. But some of the
monsters could be imbued with magical powers by the enemy of the story.
Those would be the ones you'd "copy" the magic from.

> Now, my idea is that over the years,
> different 'schools' of magic have formed, dealing with a certain area of
> magic. To learn spells, you would have to find a teacher of that school to
> learn spells from him.

This is also a cool idea. That's how it's done in SoM. You visit different
temples, and you learn a set of magic from each temple. Though, in my
opinion, I think it's been done a lot before. It's a little too traditional.
I think our magic system should be more radical than that.

> But there are other indicators that tell the character how strong/etc. he
> so we need not worry players with all that crap.

Hrm. But wouldn't it be cool for the player to decide whether he should
increase his Magic Attack skill, or his Physical Attack skill? I think
that'd be more nifty than just letting the computer decide.

> So yeah - what do you think?

I agree for the most part. I just really think, like I said, that Adonthell
shouldn't feel typical. It should feel like a new and fun game to play.


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