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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Battle System

From: cirrus
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Battle System
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 16:07:45 +0000

Kai Sterker wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 January 2002 01:09, you wrote:
> > 2) A real-time battle system that takes place on the actual map.
> >
> > My vote goes for #2. I'm a huge fan of the Secret of Mana battle engine.
> Yeah, I could play a little of SoM at this years meeting, and I found the way
> battles integrate into the game quite nifty. Although I'm still in favour of
> a system where you have to think a little too.
> > [*] The other party members (I'd say about a total of three characters per
> > party) follow the main character around and also do battle based upon AI.
> At least it should be possible to issue general commands, like 'defend',
> 'protect', 'attack strongest/weakest/closest'.

Heh, SoM had a good way of doing that too :)
You had a 4x4 grid. I can't remember the exact order or wording (help me
out JT) but the left was 'defend' and the right was 'attack'; the top
was 'approach' and the bottom was 'keep away'. So the top-right square
would have been maximum apporach and maximum attack, the opposite corner
would have been maximum keeping away and defending and the squares
inbetween were behaviours inbetween those extremes. You could then place
your characters on any square on that grid and the position would
determine their behaviour when controlled by the computer.


> > [*] Each of the three party members are capable of doing physical damage
> > with weapons. The weapons that the characters equip are a preset group of
> > weapons that are found during the progression of the game's plot.
> I do like this idea - partly ;). The idea of weapon power ups is quite good,
> but they had to integrate better with the gameworld. Of course a smith could
> do a first improvement on a weapon, but there could also be enchantments,
> different fighting techniques learned from 'teachers' and maybe others. The
> really outstanding improvements should take much more than a visit to the
> next blacksmith. Especially, different characters should get access to
> different improvements, depending on their stats. (See also my other mail on
> 'alignment').

If I remember correctly SoM had 8 types of weapon and a weapon of a
certain class was replaced with a better one when you went to the smithy
- so you never had more than 8 weapons. I agree with JT and Kai that
it's probably a good idea to not have too many different weapons but I
also feel that SoM's idea of only ever having one weapon which
supercedes another is a bit too simplistic. I'd prefer if you might at
some points have a choice of different new swords or axes rather than
just one.

> > [*] As far as magic goes, we came up with a total 0wnacious system. All of
> > the monsters will have an inherent spell or set of spells inside them.
> > Using a command that could be called something like "Copy," you can attempt
> > to copy the spell from the monster and use it for yourself.
> Well, I dunno.
> I think your idea is exactly something that I would like to avoid. If we do
> it like that, magic would be practically restricted to the battle, and it
> also raises the question where the monsters got their magic from.

I have to agree with Kai here. I'm all for coming up with unique ideas
but Magic is needed all over the place and don't see how when a monster
does a spell on me I can jut figure out how to do that spell myself.


> So much for the history of magic. Now, my idea is that over the years, 
> different 'schools' of magic have formed, dealing with a certain area of 
> magic. To learn spells, you would have to find a teacher of that school to 
> learn spells from him. (in a similar fashion as you would improve your weapon 
> skills). To integrate magic more closely with the rest of the game, those 
> teachers would of course often require some kind of 'bribing'. Be it simply 
> money, or some deed done, or whatever. Some schools of magic would go well 
> together, other would have too different philosophies, so that you could not 
> learn spells of both schools. Some teachers might make certain requirements 
> as to your alignment (there it is again ;)), etc. pp.

I like this - I think not being able to learn to conflicting schools of
magic is perhaps too drastic. I'd say their spells cancel each other out
if ued at the same time or your reputation (allignment) goes down if you
do so or both!

Also I agree since most of these values are only used internally they
can be hidden - but I think one should be able to see them if one wants,
just have a menu deep down somewhere. SoM had this too! :P I mean if you
get a magic talisman that gives you  +3 on speed you'd like to know what
that means or see what your speed is at, wouldn't you?

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