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[Adonthell-devel] Walkable veranda done, light bugs, music and packaging

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: [Adonthell-devel] Walkable veranda done, light bugs, music and packaging
Date: 18 Jan 2002 12:33:40 +0100

Awright, finally James won over my lazyness: the veranda is now walkable
and the barn walls are added! :) I admit, without it it would have been
hard to make a plausible connection between Silverhair's and the barn.
The only sucking part is when you get teleported when you reach the
middle, but it's ok anyway. I can't find the changed barn roof, though. 

I've played a bit again, and noticed a few things:
Orloth sometimes goes to empty tables without putting anything - this
always happens the first time he goes to a table. Maybe a bug in his
schedule (incorrectly initial set variables?)

The music schedule may be buggy too. Sometimes the same music is played
twice or more.

About the music: They perfectly fit into the game and really creates the
ambiance, which is their role. I'm as glad about them that I am for the
graphics. And you know that we still have plenty of "old" .it files
Joseph made before we use OGG. When converting them to wavs via a good
soundtrack player, you can have amazing quality by setting an insane
renderer (which makes real time playing almost impossible on my Athlon!)
and the result is excellent. So I wondered whether we could use some of
them into waste's edge, in particular to fill the ending sequence,
before the credits appear (btw, the credits ends before the music, is it
normal? - also we should put a ;) after the "Joel, you're fired!"
sequence to make it not too hard ;)). I also think would
make another excellent ingame music. What do you think about it Joseph?

Last thing: I'd also suggest we distribute two packages of waste's edge:
the "normal" one, with the full quality music, and a smaller one for
which musics would be resampled to 22khz for example. That way even RTC
connections owners could play the game. I personnally won't download an
almost 10Mb game via my slow, paying connection. 3-4Mb is a maximum.

We'll also have to put waste's edge on as many Linux Magazines' CDs as
possible. This is also a great media for slow connections owners, who
usually get large software via these CDs (this is for example the way I
upgrade my kernel).

Releasing for 20th should be hard - unless there is an incredible
adrenaline push during the weekend? ;) But that's no problem, things are
advancing well anyway! We're *almost* finished again :p



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