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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Walkable veranda done, light bugs, music and pack

From: cirrus
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Walkable veranda done, light bugs, music and packaging
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 12:44:07 +0000

Alexandre Courbot wrote:
> Awright, finally James won over my lazyness: the veranda is now walkable
> and the barn walls are added! :) I admit, without it it would have been
> hard to make a plausible connection between Silverhair's and the barn.
> The only sucking part is when you get teleported when you reach the
> middle, but it's ok anyway. I can't find the changed barn roof, though.
> I've played a bit again, and noticed a few things:
> Orloth sometimes goes to empty tables without putting anything - this
> always happens the first time he goes to a table. Maybe a bug in his
> schedule (incorrectly initial set variables?)
> The music schedule may be buggy too. Sometimes the same music is played
> twice or more.
> About the music: They perfectly fit into the game and really creates the
> ambiance, which is their role. I'm as glad about them that I am for the
> graphics. And you know that we still have plenty of "old" .it files
> Joseph made before we use OGG. When converting them to wavs via a good
> soundtrack player, you can have amazing quality by setting an insane
> renderer (which makes real time playing almost impossible on my Athlon!)
> and the result is excellent. So I wondered whether we could use some of
> them into waste's edge, in particular to fill the ending sequence,
> before the credits appear (btw, the credits ends before the music, is it
> normal? - also we should 

Yeah, it would be nice if the credits could slow down just a touch so
the appearance of "the End" conincides with the end of the music.

> put a ;) after the "Joel, you're fired!"
> sequence to make it not too hard ;)). I also think would

yeah, good idea.

> make another excellent ingame music. What do you think about it Joseph?

I'd say once JT finishes the end sequence music next week we've got
enough. But I wouldn't say no to even more music as long is it doesn't
hold up the release any more. (I'm still a big fan of thre old
adonthell-demo.mp3! - could be like a hidden extra if you wait at the
game menu for 60 secs or something like that :P)

> Last thing: I'd also suggest we distribute two packages of waste's edge:
> the "normal" one, with the full quality music, and a smaller one for
> which musics would be resampled to 22khz for example. That way even RTC
> connections owners could play the game. I personnally won't download an
> almost 10Mb game via my slow, paying connection. 3-4Mb is a maximum.

That's a good idea! If it takes some extra time I think we should still
release the full version - it won't matter if the low quality version
appears a few days later IMO.

> We'll also have to put waste's edge on as many Linux Magazines' CDs as
> possible. This is also a great media for slow connections owners, who
> usually get large software via these CDs (this is for example the way I
> upgrade my kernel).

Definitely - should I email some UK ones to see if they'd want to do it?

> Releasing for 20th should be hard - unless there is an incredible
> adrenaline push during the weekend? ;) But that's no problem, things are
> advancing well anyway! We're *almost* finished again :p

0.3 will KICK ARSE!!!!!!
how about the 27. since JT needs some extra time (don't think we do
though! get that adrenaline flowing!) - if we have a definitive date we
can start promoting the game. I'd be happy to spend time doing this
since I haven't got much else to do for the game right now!


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