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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] v0.4 gfx request

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] v0.4 gfx request
Date: 08 Feb 2002 23:39:56 +0100

> I made that suggestion once way back, but incase you don't rember:
> What if you modify the graphic objects directly? I.e. you change the
> object in memory once and continue drawing as usual.
> Such functionality had to be tied to our graphic objects though. For
> example, they might need a flag telling whether they are currently
> visible, so you can limit the updating to objects that are visible and
> not up-to-date yet. (Which means the object would also need to store
> it's current tint, saturation and brightness).

This is an operation that would be done on client side then (as the
client handles all the gfxs). I'd say it could do the trick, if we use a
wise algorithm as the one you described. On the other hand, on HW
accelerated machines, an additional layer wouldn't hurt much - but on
slower ones it could as well slow down the game. Maybe it's better to
have a 0.5 seconds gap during which the objects gfxs are updated than a
continuously slow game. I keep the idea and will run some tests (but
first I'll try to get the basic map engine running - I'll be already
happy then! ;))



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