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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] v0.4 gfx request

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] v0.4 gfx request
Date: 08 Feb 2002 16:42:50 +0100

> You might think it is a bit early for this, but IMO we should start with
> making the graphics for v0.4 ASAP, i.e. now.

I'd say the same for the musics. Of course, some of them needs the game
to be finished so they stay in sync with it, but there is a huge number
of 'neutral' musics that could be made to fir during the gameplay, or
already known situation (combat, deceit or joyfull atmosphere, etc...).
And I'd like my Adonthell XMMS playlist to grow anyway ;)

> The most important reason for this (apart from my personal dislike of the
> 'forest pattern') is that you cannot go exploring away from the roads that
> cut through the forest. You can only follow the roads, and that is pretty
> boring and also gives away good opportunities for secrets and such for no
> apparent reason.

I quite agree for the forest. This will also make the job easier for the
gfx artists.

> The trees itself could be made up of a trunk, the top (what's the right
> word for that, btw.?) and the actual leaves. The leaves could be available
> in versions for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Basically, a tree is
> then composed of three parts. Say if we had 3 trunks, 3 tops and 3 leaves,
> we could already make 3*3*3 = 27 (slightly) different trees. Say, we have
> 5 to 10 different 'tree-sets', that should make an impressive forest
> already.

Beware that dense forests will take more CPU to be drawn doing so. But
this should still be acceptable, so I'm for it.

> Oh, and the leaves could be animated, as if they were moving in the 
> wind :).

Sure. Everything should be animated ;)

> Needless to say that the trees can be reused in the final game. The same
> is true for the mountains, the mines of Uzdun'kal. 
> Depending how the hiding place would look like, it might also be reuseable.

Before doing anything, we must agree on dimensions. Map squares would be
40 pixels long and high. Is this ok? A 'classical' character, like in
Waste's Edge, would measure one square per one square and a half. My
wish for characters is that they look less 'squarish'. In Waste's Edge
is was natural, because of the low-res, but with the new resolution they
could look more natural, I think. If you remember of Chrono Trigger, I
just love the way the characters look. Arms moving so well during run,
etc... Probably a few extra frames per animation helps too ;)

And yeah, this will be the final resolution (maybe not format, but at
least there will be converters) so keep in mind that the art will be
reused in the final game! :)



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