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[Adonthell-artwork] Character description

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] Character description
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 13:07:50 +0100 (CET)

I got mail from someone who would like to help with writing. Possibly plot
and dialogues, but also some character descriptions.

The question is whether latter are useful for doing the character
graphics. I'd say so, but I'd like to hear your opinion on it, Ben.

Here's the work Andreas did for a play-by-email RPG:


      Lunaire is rather small for an elf, being about one and a half feet
shorter than the average human girl. Her sky-blue eyes always seem to gleam
and sparkle as if light was hitting them just right, and light up like 
sapphires when it does. Her brown hair falls openly down to the small of her 
back in soft curls, with a texture almost like velvet or silk to it. Beside 
adorning her back, her hair forms a nice frame for her soft face with its 
small stub nose, soft red lips and smooth, silken skin and her slender neck.
Somehow, her hair, too, seems to attract light, making it shine with the dance 
of shadows and highlights in it. Lunaire's movements are smooth and supple, 
like a dancer's or stage performer's, and there is no hint whatsoever of
self-consciousness in her posture. The way she holds her head, tosses back
her hair or tucks some strands behind her pointed ears all speak of her 
being quite used to gathering attention - and yet, at times, it seems as if 
she just vanishes in a crowd, to reappear at a different time and place. Her 
clothing tends to be a medium to dark blue in color, mostly silk and velvet 
gowns, adding to the luxurious, soft impression she gives. However, as anyone 
who has seen her move can testify, her skirts are slit highly enough to allow 
for free movement despite their clinging, form-fitting cut, the tops are 
equipped with bands to tie them together, transforming a flowing gown into 
very practical clothes in a matter of a few minutes. Even when not actually 
fixed by those bands, her tops tend to cling closely to her body, however,
outlining the soft curves of her hips and waist and highlighting her 
perfectly shaped, if somewhat petite bosom - but then, they're Lunaire-sized: 
they might be small on a taller woman, but suit her perfectly well. When on
the road, her clothing becomes even more of a disguise, her skirts actually 
consisting of smooth overlapping bands hanging from her belt and concealing 
semi-tight, comfortable traveling pants and her tops being tied together to
sit by default.  

      An orphan like her sister Solana, Lunaire grew up to a life of
getting by using all her talents. While her sister was more studiously 
inclined and finally apprenticed herself to an aging wizard, Lunaire 
remained on the streets, although she was talented enough to syphon a lot of
skills from her sister. However, she did never appreciate how much of a 
burglar her sister remained, until one morning, she was told that the 
infamous Cat's Paw had committed her last burgle - Solana's body had been 
found under a window, the room having been looted by the thief they only 
called the Cat's Paw because of her light step, and the goods found on
her now-dead sister. Lunaire doesn't remember exactly how she tried to
extinguish her grief, but certain physical evidence points to more having 
spent a lot of the time in company. Having gotten over that episode (more 
or less - some things can never be regained), the young thief decided to 
move on in life, determined to make her sister proud of her, whereever she 
might be now - decidedly more proud than that episode of trying to bury her 
grief under sexual pleasure must have made Solana's spirit. Knowing how 
much pleasure Solana took in her studies, Lunaire used the money from her 
nightly excursions to finance studies into arcane knowledge, ancient 
languages, and all sorts of tricks to circumvent or even reset mechanical 
and magical traps guarding whatever mundane and magical treasure locations 
she might find in her studies... Lunaire is first and foremost a thief, 
contrary to her sister, who was both equally, sage and scoundrel. To defend 
herself, she learned to shoot a crossbow, electing to use the heavy
kind in order to compensate her lacking strength and skill at arms with
using a ranged weapon that only needs one shot to kill most creatures, if 
aimed properly. Realizing one shot would be the most she could get, she 
began to delve into anatomy as well, hoping to learn where, exactly, to put 
the bolt. And she started to wander, no longer limiting her forays to just 
one city...  


Guess it needs not be *that* detailed, but I think a good impression of
the character's nature might help with the artwork.


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