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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] v0.4 gfx request

From: cirrus
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] v0.4 gfx request
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 15:57:59 +0000

Alexandre Courbot wrote:

> Before doing anything, we must agree on dimensions. Map squares would be
> 40 pixels long and high. Is this ok? A 'classical' character, like in
> Waste's Edge, would measure one square per one square and a half. My
> wish for characters is that they look less 'squarish'. In Waste's Edge
> is was natural, because of the low-res, but with the new resolution they
> could look more natural, I think. If you remember of Chrono Trigger, I
> just love the way the characters look. Arms moving so well during run,
> etc... Probably a few extra frames per animation helps too ;)
> And yeah, this will be the final resolution (maybe not format, but at
> least there will be converters) so keep in mind that the art will be
> reused in the final game! :)

I think Ben wanted normal characters to be up to 40x80px. By normal I
mean door to houses would be that size so player and NPCs can walk
through - but a big Orc might be larger and a dragon would definitely be
larger! :P

Tht reminds me - presumably we will have a few big boss monsters that
need to be killed to progress throgh the game, right? (you can't really
do an RPG without IMO) Would it be possible to make such huge characters
consist of several seperate parts to let them move more flexibly? For
example, in SoM the is a 2-headed dragon thing and the necks are made up
of a few... well, balls that move together as if they were all on a
string or something. There is a big snake that is made up in the same
way. This has many advantages IMO - you need far less gfx (imagine doing
frames for every possible position the snake can have) and allows for
more freedom of movement for the monster. We won't need this for some
time yet but I thought I'd ask now anyway.

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