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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] outro sequence

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] outro sequence
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 00:10:48 +0100

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 20:29, you wrote:
> Alrighty then! Since the intro is now finished... right Alex?  I guess
> it's time to think about the ending.

That's okay so far.

> Now is where it gets a bit hazy - waht happens next?
> My suggestion would be: Go back to mapview and have some more dialogue
> play back.

Hm, I think at that point there wouldn't be any need for further 
(interactive) dialogue. It would mainly be Bjarn explaining and the bit about 
how Alek escaped with the gems.

Writing a couple more scripts to do what you suggest wouldn't be a problem 
though. However, if there isn't enough time to make the additional frames, we 
could as well do that in the style of the intro.

> Now it might be a nice touch to fade over to the scrolling forrest from
> the beginning with an Alek layer 'running' through the forrest. Fade in
> 'The End' on top, fade the background to black, roll some credits et
> voila!

Actually, there would be some more text to come over the scrolling forest 
first, but otherwise that is more or less what I imagined as well.

> If you're all happy with that this would be what we need:
> ----- graphics

Don't forget the opening bag sequence. Like the title screen, only the open 
back would be filled with ordinary pebbles instead of Chrysoberylls. That 
would go between the chest and the closeup on Bjarn's face.

> If you think this is too much we can simplify it a bit, if you think
> it's too little, well... let your imagination run wild!

Nah, that'll be just okay. Then we have a nice long outro, but nothing 
extreme compared to the rest of the game.


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