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[Adonthell-artwork] outro sequence

From: cirrus
Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] outro sequence
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 19:29:45 +0000

Alrighty then! Since the intro is now finished... right Alex?  I guess
it's time to think about the ending.

Last I heard it most of the action was going to take place in the map
view. (I'm using demo_end.txt as a base here - dunno where it is - I got
a print out at the meeting)

Once you know who the thief is and convince Jelom all the relevant
characters all assemble in Bjarn's room, Bjarn confesses to what he's
done and goes to his chest to show everyone where he hid the gems...
At this point we were going to switch to a fullscreen animation of his
chest moving to the side and revealing an empty hole. This was gonna be
done using 2 images - one background image of the wall with the hole and
one pic of the chest that goes on top and is moved to the side (perhaps
we could have it wobble a bit before it moves together with a rumble
sound). Btw, I'll do those pix tomorrow!
After that we were going to switch to a close up of Bjarn's face looking
all surprised and then changing to an angry face (Ben?).
Now is where it gets a bit hazy - waht happens next?
My suggestion would be: Go back to mapview and have some more dialogue
play back. (if Ben has time perhaps we can have a weeping Bjarn on the
map now (just some manga-esque white dots around the head plus him
holding his hands over his face ought to do it!)) Jelom notices that
Alex is not present and sends Talan to get him. It might be neat if the
view follows Talan as he wanders off and discovers Oliver tied up in the
barn (perhaps Ben can do a few frames of Oliver being tied up which we
could use here). Talan unties him (ie walks up to him and Oliver's gfx
swich from the tied up frame to the usual ones :)) they talk and head
back downstairs (we could just switch to Bjarn's room at this point
since it might get a bit longwinded otherwise). There is some more
chatting as Silverhair's name is cleared... balblabla...
Now it might be a nice touch to fade over to the scrolling forrest from
the beginning with an Alek layer 'running' through the forrest. Fade in
'The End' on top, fade the background to black, roll some credits et

If you're all happy with that this would be what we need:

----- graphics

-2 pictures for Bjarn's chest sequence
-2 picutres of Bjarn getting mad
-crying Bjarn mapcharacter gfx (?)
-tied up Oliver mapchar gfx
-picture of Alek to slide through the forest

----- sound

-music to accompany all this
-a few sound fx (like the rumbling and sliding of the chest (I could try
doing this if u like))

If you think this is too much we can simplify it a bit, if you think
it's too little, well... let your imagination run wild!


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