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Re: [Swftools-common] highlight links (not on hover)

From: Joachim Larsen
Subject: Re: [Swftools-common] highlight links (not on hover)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 19:06:29 +0700

I didn't know about ajaxdocumentviewer.com. Interesting.
(But weird how Flash is sold as an Ajax technology)

I think they were trying to optimize for buzzwords
I can imagine. However, using the "-s poly2bitmap" and "-j 25" switches
should reduce the file size.

Thanks for that, ill give that a go.

Right now, rfxview and fdview (the only two free viewers I know
about) can't handle streaming. There are several commercial viewers that
can, however- e.g. see the various viewers at
Yeah there are some nice sites out there.
Basically I want to accomplish some of that but ideally 'in-house'.
A minimum of eyecandy, all I want is to be able to show the pages without having the whole document load first.



Obviously I have no idea what I am talking about, with that in mind:
It doesn't seem like this should be 'that hard' I mean naively it would be akin making them all loaders for each other (either on a page by page basis or 10pg bunches)

Anyway, please educate me :)

Best Regards,

Every Facet, Every Department Of Your Mind Is To Be Programmed By You, And Unless You Assume Your Rightful Responsibility To Program Your Own Mind, The World Will Program It For You.

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