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Re: [Nmh-workers] Does maildrop work correctly with nmh?

From: Martin McCormick
Subject: Re: [Nmh-workers] Does maildrop work correctly with nmh?
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 11:46:13 -0500

Ken Hornstein writes:
> I'm a little unclear on exactly what you want to happen, but it's worth
> pointing out that inc can incorporate mail from a maildir.
        What I have now and want to preserve is a .forward file
that calls procmail

       "|exec /usr/local/bin/procmail || exit 75"

procmail then delivers to $HOME/Mail/folder/message# or
$HOME/Mail/otherfolder/message# depending upon the rule set in

        The .procmailrc file defines


so maildrop needs to do something similar.

        Interestingly, I see:

if ( $MH )
    DEFAULT="| $STORE +inbox"
    FOLDERS="| $STORE +"

        I have been using cat ~/Mail/folder/somemessage
|maildrop for testing and it filters like it should but I have not gotten it
to try to deliver the message the way nmh/mh does.

        By the way, thanks to the person who provided the
following explanation:

>    maildrop knows how to deliver mail to an standard mailbox files;  it
>    also knows how to deliver to maildirs.  A maildir is a
>    directory-based mail format used by the Courier and Qmail mail
>    servers.
>A `maildir' isn't what nmh uses so you're left with a mailbox, but that
>has a `From ' line before the headers, so again that's not nmh.

        I did not think so, but I had this small bit of doubt as
to whether maildir had anything to do with this so at least now
I know for sure it does not.

Thanks for responding.

        Martin McCormick

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