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lynx-dev LYNX: edit for one line on help-page

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: edit for one line on help-page
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 15:32:49 -0400
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Here's the first 30 or so lines from
the lynx "?"-page:

Lynx help files (usually in your local directories):

     * [1]Lynx Users Guide -- complete account of all Lynx features
     * [2]Key-stroke Commands -- quick outline of what various keys do
     * [3]Line Editor -- when entering URLs etc
     * [4]Supported URLs -- how Lynx handles various types of URL
     * [5]About Lynx -- credits, copyright etc
     * [6]About Lynx-Dev -- the developers & how to contact them

Other sources of Lynx help:

     * [7]lynx.cfg options -- a reference for advanced configurations
     * [8]Lynx Help for Beginners -- quick help on many common problems
     * [9]The Lynx FAQ-O-Matic -- many common queries, some more advanced; 
users may add answers.
     * [10]Lynx Links -- source & binaries, FAQs, developers & archives,
       SSL & security, and more
     * [11]Lynxstuff -- SSL, Wyse terminals, Lynx-friendly Web design
     * [12]Blynx -- Speech-Friendly Help for the visually impaired

World Wide Web Consortium documents:

     * HTML -- [13]4.0 -- [14]3.2 -- [15]3.0 -- [16]2.0
     * HTTP -- [17]1.1 -- [18]1.0
     * [19]Web Naming & Addressing Overview: URIs, URLs etc
     * [20]HTML Internationalization
     * [21]WWW Consortium: home page

Help with HTML:

     * [22]HTML 4.0 Reference


Suppose a friend wanted to get his own copy
of lynx, to run on his own computer.

Surely it's *somewhere* on that (much longer
than here) page -- but where?


*FINALLY*, after several passes of your eyes
up and down the items (there's no *heading*
that says "downloads and sources"), you see it
way over in a *comment* to [10] lynx links.

Too hidden; doesn't jump out at you.


Change the heading 
    Other sources of Lynx Help


    Other sources of Lynx Help, sources, downloads, and links:

Just that will make it easier to see.




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