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NOW I see it!: Re: lynx-dev LYNX: edit for one line on help-page

From: David Combs
Subject: NOW I see it!: Re: lynx-dev LYNX: edit for one line on help-page
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 16:13:12 -0400
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FINALLY, I notice the link way up at the

                                Extremely Lynx

   [[1]Web starting points] [Download Lynx: [2]Source code |
   [3]Executables] [[4]What is Lynx?]
           Lynx information @ <URL:[5]>  

But I still find it hard to see -- those two lines
are sort of, uh, ugly -- at least compared to the
simultaneously visible *very* neatly laid-out region
of headings with their indented items, *one* link per
line, with each heading set off by vertical white-space.

So I suppose my eyes were instantly drawn down to 
*that* area.

Also, the first item on the line after Extremely 
Lynx starts off with "Web starting points", which
to me, at least, doesn't *instantly* mean anything,
unlike most of the other things on the page.

   [[1]Web starting points] [Download Lynx: [2]Source code |

All that seems to make my eyes *automatically* not 
even *see* those two lines.


I just followed some of those links -- looks like
that stuff is all duplicated further down on the
page, and better laid-out, too.

Further, if the reader sees and follows one of
those first two or three links, although they
might end up where they wanted to be, but
they were never, uh, forced to look at or
even *notice* the *rest* of the page --
with its huge amount of information and links.

In a way, wouldn't it be better for the user
to have to at least look at the entire page,
and at least see what was there?

With those two top lines of links, given
that he/she *notices* them (I sure didn't,
not at first), off they go, gone, never
to even glance below.  Never to know, or at least
remember, that all that stuff exists.

SUGGESTION: perhaps we should just get rid 
of those two lines.

(given, that is, that we put a bit more info in 
some of the heading-lines, as mentioned in 
my original post.)



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