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lynx-dev That "" site; needs link to FREE lynx!

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev That "" site; needs link to FREE lynx!
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 15:47:26 -0400
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When a friend asked where he could get
lynx for his pc (M$), just looking around,
I went to "".

Whole site is about some *commercial* lynx --
an "embedded" lynx (whatever that is) --

And, as far as I could see from a quick
once-over, there was no info, no link,
not even a HINT that there existed a
FREE lynx!

Really, that guy should have up somewhere
near the top, and easy to notice, a link
to the ("raw") FREE version.

It's the right thing for him/her/them to do.


Obviously, we've got no control over this 
company. However, they *do* rely on 
lynx-dev for their own product -- probably
wouldn't exist *without* lynx-dev and the
continual bug-fixing and improvements.

So, maybe someone on this list knows
whoever owns the .com-site, and try doing
some moral persuasion for adding an
(easy to notice *without* searching for
it) link to the free version.



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