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Re: lynx-dev Mailing from Lynx with Pine

From: Ian Collier
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Mailing from Lynx with Pine
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 19:12:10 +0100

On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 10:36:59PM +0100, David Woolley wrote:
> > I don't think so [see above]; I think the References: header is stolen from
> > NNTP, where it contains as many as possible prior articles including the
> > immediately previous one.

> No.  It is defined in RFC 822 which predates the current USENET format
> (NB NNTP doesn't specify any headers, their specified in a different RFC!)
> This particular distinction has always been a problem for threading email.
> In fact the RFC 822 definition doesn't require that the references be
> on a single direct ancestral path, only that they be referenced.

822 does indeed mention the References header so that's my mistake,
though it doesn't really define what does and doesn't go into it.
1036 is probably the basis of all current implementations of the
References header, and it does imply that the message-id of the
immediately prior message goes in the References as well as in the

I think even Outlook Express does this if it's feeling generous [though
it usually seems to write at most one of References and In-Reply-To].


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