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Re: lynx-dev Mailing from Lynx with Pine

From: Eduardo Chappa
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Mailing from Lynx with Pine
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 01:47:26 -0800 (PST)

*** Hart Larry (address@hidden) wrote in the Lynx list on Mar 23, 2002:

:) Is there a way to invoke Pine from lynx when a mailto URL exists? If
:) there's a way to do this in the lynx config, I'd like to set it up so
:) that Pine does the mailing. That way, rather than use pico as an editor
:) directly, I could write the message in Pine and do a control-x to send
:) the message, respond y for yes, and then be back to lynx. If this is
:) possible, how do I set this up in the lynx config file?

Hello Hart,

  I've been out of town for the last week, and came back to town just
yesterday, so that's the reason why I am answering so late.

  I just created a patch for lynx2.8.4 that does this. I believe the patch
can be adpated to be used even with mutt or elm (anyone willing to test
this?). I am not submitting the patch right now, but instead I would like
that anyone interested in testing and helping me improve the patch could
pick the patch from the address below, so that it can be worked on it and
submitted later.

  The way that the patch works is as follows. After one applies the patch
and recompiles, one needs to reinstall lynx: "make install". This will
create a new lynx.cfg file. The patch is designed so that even if you
follow all of these steps, the feature is off. The way to turn it on is by
editing the (new) file lynx.cfg and setting


One also needs to define the variable


The example given in the lynx.cfg file is:

EXTERNAL_MAIL_PROGRAM:pine -customized-hdrs="Subject: %s" %s < %s

which allows the sender to send a message including the subject and text
of the web page using Pine.

I would appreciate if those who know mutt or elm could let me know which
command works best for them. There's more information in the file lynx.cfg
as to what those cryptic %s mean. I believe that if we point users as to
which command to use with the most popular mailers, that there won't be
any problem for people to use their favorite e-mail program when sending
e-mail through Lynx.

  There are a few details in the patch where I would appreciate if someone
could point me in a better way to do this, as for example, there are a few

if (!use_external_command){

statements which I believe should be replaced by something more like


but I did not know how to do this, and there's also a length of an array
(the array containing command to be executed) which I would like some
advice as to how to set its length properly.

Anyway, the patch can be found in the address below:

Thanks for any feedback!


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