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Re: lynx-dev MacLynx

From: Doug Wilson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev MacLynx
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 17:16:15 +0000

010819 Philip Webb wrote:

>010819 Doug Wilson wrote:
>> I recently downloaded MacLynx b1 - (Lynx 2.7.1 port)
>no-one has been supporting the Mac port for a long time.

re: Mac port

What is the "Mac port" number?
According to a Glossary I found on my ycn server:

Port:     Every Internet application communicates at an assigned port
          number,specific to the application. FTP, Gopher, HTTP, Telnet,
          etc, are all assigned unique port numbers so that the computer
          knows how to respond when contacted at that port. For example,
          Gopher servers generally talkat port 70 while HTTP servers
          generally communicate at port 80. These default values can be
          overridden in a URL.

re: key-bindings in lynx.cfg

>`k' should list current key-bindings, which cb altered in  lynx.cfg .

Yes, I have found the small letter [k] key which displays the current key map.
Is there a reverse of the key map? That is, a summary of "to do the
following press this key" vs "this key will do the following". This would
be useful as a learning tool. Perhaps creating such a table myself might be
a better way of learning (memorizing) the keys vs commands relationships.
I did find that the Lynx help file seems to cover this: i.e.
so perhaps this is the summary I was looking for.

If "current key-bindings can be altered in lynx.cfg" does this mean that
lynx.cfg is really the Lynx Browser software program instead of the
Lynx/Beta 1/index.html file?

And if I do alter the lynx.cfg file am I changing the version of Lynx that
I have or just a setting? I believe that Lynx software is "open source?"
which I believe means that the software source code is available and
changeable. If so, does this mean if I know what I am doing I can/should
customize the lynx.cfg file?

For example, when I open MacLynx, the "TextScape" window opens to a certain
size, I believe it is 35 lines high by 80 columns wide. I can resize this
with a mouse but I need to do that every time I open MacLynx.  It says in
my lynx.cfg file:

# You can set initial size for Lynx window.

Can I change 80 columns to say 120? and if so, How do I change that?

re: [p] key in MacLynx

>> I found that by pressing the "p" key I got to a print option menu.
>> I tried the "Save to a local file" option so I could study it off line.
>> This saved it as text as a local file in my Lynx/Beta 1 file folder.
>yes, a basic use of Lynx.  also, you sb able to e-mail the file via `p'.

So much for my "Save to a local file" option experience; it turns out that
the Lynx_users_guide.txt file created is too large to be opened by
SimpleText. That isn't a problem as I found the original
Lynx_users_guide.html file in the lynx_help folder.

No, I don't think I can email from MacLynx.

pressing small letter [p] key brings up the Lynx Printing Options page with
the following information:

Printing Options (lynx Version 2.7.1 (MacOS b1))
There are 1494 lines, or approximately 23 pages, to print.
You have the following print choices.
please select one:

[1[Save to a local file
[2]Print to the screen
[3]MacOS Speech Manager

re: numbered links

>you sb able to number the links -- use the Options screen via `o' -- ,
>then make a stab at some link number.  i always have links numbered.

Yes, I like the feature of numbered links. In graphic browsers it seems
links are not obvious and an image may or may not be a link.

My ycn server uses Lynx v2.8.1 and the Key Map there shows [0] key used for
the F_LINK_NUM command to invoke the 'Follow link (or page) number:' prompt

I found that by pressing [0] then [the link number] then [return] I go to
that link.

The Key Map in MacLynx doesn't say what the [0] key is for but typing in
[the link number] then [return] seems to work without needing [0] first.

re: Lynx vs MacLynx

>you can get basic training from my document `Lynx Help for Beginners'
>at .
Thanks for the referral. I still have a bit more studying to do.

Initially I tried searching the Lynx-Dev Archives but found them stored
sequentially by month. Since then, I found I can search by topic so I will
try to review Lynx-Dev Archive postings related to MacLynx.

>you can access a lot more Lynx info via
Yes but I find I still need to differentiate between current version Lynx
vs MacLynx info.

>& get the most recent version for Linux/Windows from .
Not much good as I don't think a Windows version of Lynx will run on my


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