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Re: lynx-dev MacLynx

From: Philip Webb
Subject: Re: lynx-dev MacLynx
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 23:32:22 -0400
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010825 Doug Wilson wrote:
> What is the "Mac port" number?

as TD explained, `port' has 2 meanings:
an input/output connection & a version of software for a platform (OS).
> Is there a reverse of the key map?

not really: LHFB is intended to help a bit in that area ...

> I did find  lynx_help/keystroke_commands/keystroke_help.html

... & `h' -> `Key-stroke Commands' may be of use.

> "current key-bindings can be altered in lynx.cfg":
> does this mean that  lynx.cfg  is really the Lynx Browser software program
> instead of the Lynx/Beta 1/index.html file?

no:  lynx.cfg  is an essential file which allows users to customise Lynx:
there's a list of key-bindings there which you can alter if you wish.

> when I open MacLynx, the "TextScape" window opens to a certain size,
> I believe it is 35 lines high by 80 columns wide.
> I can resize it with a mouse but need to do it every time I open MacLynx.
> It says in my  lynx.cfg :
>   # MacOS ONLY:
>   #==========
>   # You can set initial size for Lynx window.
>   TERM_COLS:80
> Can I change 80 columns to say 120? if so, How?

presumably by editing  lynx.cfg  to change `80' to `120': try it & report!

> I don't think I can email from MacLynx.
>  [p]  brings up the Lynx Printing Options page with the following:
>   Printing Options (lynx Version 2.7.1 (MacOS b1))
>   There are 1494 lines, or approximately 23 pages, to print.
>   You have the following print choices.
>   please select one:
>   [1]Save to a local file
>   [2]Print to the screen
>   [3]MacOS Speech Manager

yes, that must be an older version or designed for a Mac,
but you can add your own printer definitions, which can include e-mail:
look at  lynx.cfg  for 2-8-4 to get well-written instructions.  eg i have:
  PRINTER:E-mail file using Mutt:mutt -i %s %s:TRUE
  PRINTER:Use Most to view:most -k +s %s:TRUE:23
  PRINTER:Edit file:/usr/local/bin/vim %s:TRUE 
of course, you would have to define Mac software to do these jobs.

> I like the feature of numbered links.  In graphic browsers
> it seems links are not obvious and an image may or may not be a link.

one of Lynx's many advantages!

> typing [link number] then [return] seems to work without needing [0] first.

yes: the `0' thing may go back to the Age of Giants & be obsolete today.

>> you can get basic training from my document `Lynx Help for Beginners'
>> at .
> Thanks for the referral. I still have a bit more studying to do.

LHFB is designed for someone at your present level,
but remember that 2-7-1 is rather out-of-date by LHFB's standard.
> I still need to differentiate between current version Lynx vs MacLynx info.

yes, you are trying to learn 2 things at once: Lynx & Lynx-on-a-Mac.
to see what Lynx itself (2-8-4) can do, you need to try it out
on another machine running Linux (or some other UNIX) or M$ Windows.

>> get the most recent version for Linux/Windows from .
> I don't think a Windows version of Lynx will run on my Macintosh?

there are binaries (pre-compiled) for the Unices (incl Linux),
which you could try out on the Mac, since OS-X is a UNIX clone.
if you know anything re C, you could try fixing 2-8-4 to run on a Mac,
which would certainly be welcomed by Lynx supporters
& would probably get some advice & help from lynx-dev more generally. 

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