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lynx-dev LYNX: a "hook" for user-hacking of html?

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: a "hook" for user-hacking of html?
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 02:39:00 -0400
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It sure would be nice if there were a "hook" (word
from emacs) by which the user can have a executable
that can get run either on *every* html file
linked to or via some command enabling users
to do it for only html-files (via the user
seeing the display of it) that decides he 
can read better if he can "hack" it first.

An easy way would be to have lynx able
to run, say, a user-program user-named
to eg lynx1 or lynx2  or lynx-html-hack1,
things like that.

Lynx would grab like via "\" the html
and write it out to a particular
fixed file eg "t.html", then run (fork?)
his executable, which would leave a modified
t.html, and then lynx would read in and display
*that* file.

(but would keep the stored name of the file
as it originally had been, so if he decides
halfway through reading it to bookmark it.
Likewise for V command.)

Anyway, some super-simple like that would
be *huge* aid to some of us.

Myself, I'd like to (on some sites) change
every "center" to "left", and every "<br><br>"
to "<p>".  I am sure others have other changes
they'd like to make to what they see on-screen.


Of course, we're ouot of letters for commands, and
no one thinks well of the (my) idea of also enabling
mutiple-char commands, like vim, emacs, etc, etc.

So here's an idea (based on idea that people probably
not too frequently type in ^R, re-parse and display):

When the user hit ^R, it first prompts 
  "enter subcommand (or just <return>): "
with one predefined "sub"-command being
to run that named executable.

(Note, this is BEFORE the ^R has retrieved
or reshown anything.)


There could even be something in .lynxrc that
turns on or off this prompting feature.


Thanks for at least reading this!


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