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lynx-dev lynx386 last ver.

From: Alejandro.Lieber
Subject: lynx-dev lynx386 last ver.
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 09:10:50

I am runing lynx for DOS ver 2.8.1 on a 40 Mhz 386 with 5 Mby 
memory and an old yellow hercules monitor.

Results are exellent. I have stopped using IE on a 586 if I really 
don't need images.

I have seen that ver. 2.8.3 has appeared.

I would like to know what diferences exist between this two versions. 

Ing. Alejandro Lieber  
Lima S.A.
San Martin 3808  Rosario  Argentina
address@hidden  54-0341-4641219

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