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Re: lynx-dev lynx386 last ver.

From: Larry W. Virden
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx386 last ver.
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 15:07:24 -0500 (EST)

From: <address@hidden> address@hidden
> I have seen that ver. 2.8.3 has appeared.
> I would like to know what diferences exist between this two versions. 

Here are a few of the changes.  See the CHANGES document for the whole list.

o lots of bug fixes
o extended handling for textarea INSERTFILE and EDITTEXTAREA 
o adds alignment inheritance from COLGROUP / COL / THEAD / TFOOT / TBODY.
o tabular representation for simple tables (TRST)
o improved handling of some invalid constructs in SGML
o recognize '<?' as introducing an SGML PI.
o changes for SUP and SUB:  Render SUP visibly as a '^' character if it needs
        to be separated from a preceding character
o improve/simplify mouse scrollbar support
o implement LYNXMESSAGES:/ page
o handle INCLUDE and CDDATA marked sections
o improved handling of '/' after element name in a tag
o require an additional prompt before Enter in
  an input field causes form submission by defining TEXT_SUBMIT_CONFIRM_WANTED
o added lynx.cfg setting PSRCVIEW_NO_ANCHOR_NUMBERING that inhibits link
  numbering when in psrc mode
o add -number_fields command line option
o add STICKEY_FIELDS to lynx.cfg, which tells lynx whether to activate the
  previous document when an extra key-left is given
o Add configure option --with-charsets to specify list
  of charsets which are not suppressed
o add configure option --enable-scrollbar
o add experimental code to allow users to specify that a subset of the
  compiled-in charset definitions are available for selection for display
o add -short_url option and associated logic to elide middle of long urls
o add configure option --enable-read-eta to turn enhanced read-progress on
o added text justification
o added support for emitting backspaces
o added commandline switch '-dont_wrap_pre' that will inhibit line wrapping in
  <pre> when -dump'ing and -crawl'ing.
o add experimental file-upload
o Extended syntax recognized in .lynx-keymaps file (which is only used if
    compiling with USE_KEYMAPS defined, which in turn depends on slang and
    ncurses version):
    (a) Meta-foo can be used to map an escape sequence to a key + modifier.
    (b) LAC:foo can be used to map an escape sequence directly to a
        lynxactioncode (actually, to an extended lynxkeycode that
        encapsulates a lynxactioncode)
o Extended syntax of KEYMAP option, additional field can override line-editor
    behavior.  PASS documented in lynx.cfg.
o New "Bash-like" Line Editor binding.
o New key actions LPOS_PREV_LINK and LPOS_NEXT_LINK.
o New key action DWIMHELP.
o New key action DWIMEDIT.

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