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Re: lynx-dev Dosish diffs for MingW32 version of November 3 lynx

From: vtailor
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Dosish diffs for MingW32 version of November 3 lynx
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 19:58:58 -0600 (CST)

>11-Nov-99 23:16 address@hidden wrote:
>> You can do a diff of sorts using Dos's fc.exe.  The batch file for doing
>                                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> this is enclosed so that a Unix guru can improve it to match Unix diff
>> output more exactly.  After the text for diff.bat is the condensed
>> version of what diff.bat gives you when comparing the directory
>> \lynx2.8.3 (The original source) and \lynx for changes.
>You are in a guest position, you shouldn't probably change the rules and
>add inconvenience for Unix majority on this list. Get a diff.exe binary
>and live happy. (BTW, you could compile your own copy from GNU sources,
>why not?).

Aw, gee.  My internet provider doesn't let me have access to sites with
diff.exe.  Maybe someone can send me a FreeDos version.  And, for your
information, the Windows NSL idea was mine.  You should be more courteous
to "guests".
>Also, you lost Klaus' point on LYUtils.c ifdef'ing - you very very wrong
>when changing #ifndef to #ifdef entirely (this will affect Unix ports).
Are you sure?  Did you compile it for Linux to be certain?  I know that
the Windows versions of lynx had strange problems with input before the
change, froze up under Windows 98, etc.  And, with the change, they
work just fine.  You know how to jump in with the criticisms, but where
is your proof that you are even halfway right?

You are using a discussion of technical matters to be obnoxious.  Your
criticisms have nothing to do with reality.

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