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lynx-dev lynx and shopping carts?

From: karen lewellen
Subject: lynx-dev lynx and shopping carts?
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 1999 23:02:15 +0500

hi all.
i hope i ask this question in a fashion that make sens.  I am not certain if
it is lynx, or the site i am using, but when i try to add an item to my
shopping cart at an on-line store, i get an error message.  something to the
effect of " this client does not allow for..." i believe it is http erls,
but that does not seem sensible.  is there an external program that may
allow for this, or is it just the site i am using? and, if it makes a
difference which copy of lynx i am using, may i ask what the difference is,
not related to my operating system?
Net-Tamer V 1.11.2 - Test Drive

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