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lynx-dev Fields align

From: Dmitry S. Sivachenko
Subject: lynx-dev Fields align
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 20:12:13 +0300 (MSK)

During the process of translating lynx's messages into russian language I
came across the following problem.  Let's consider screen user sees after
pressing '=' key (Information about current document).
Here you may see a list (<dl> in HTML) of properties, concerning current
document: Name, URL, file attributes (in case of viewing files), etc.
Each element of the list has the form 'Prop-Name': 'Prop-Value'.
You align them so that each ':' is in the same column using the definite
number of &nbsp, which is hardcoded into LYShowInfo.c.

It is rather natural, that after translating corresponding equivalents of
'Name', 'URL', 'Group name', etc new strings became strings of different
lengths.  So now they are not properly aligned, which looks ugly.

This may be fixed, for instanse, by switching from using <dl> to markup
this list to <table>.  Or smth else.

Thank you in advance,

PS: sorry for my bad english.

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