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Re: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx: Summary

From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev Licensing Lynx: Summary
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 21:02:10 +0900 (JST)

> >opertunities, and made getting tech support a whole lot easier. What
> >I'm saying is that the point of accessibility should be at the system
> >level, not at the application level.
> Ideally, yes. Or at the user interface level. But in the case of
> Windows, you pretty much have to throw away the system to avoid
> frustration. It's just too rigidly oriented toward visual stuff. It

Your prejudices are getting in your way. I hope the other members of
your group are not as "rigidly oriented toward" anything as you seem to

> I also have some use for an auditory interface, as I sometimes spend
> long periods driving and would like to use my computer while doing so.

Your competition is already on the move while you waste your time
talking about irrelevant licensing issues! I have seen (uh, actually
that should be heard) computers which accept voice input in place of a
keyboard, and speak back as well as display on the screen. Already there
are efforts being made to create a spoken language "unicode." I have
no doubt that within ten years, keyboards and screens will be options
that only us old timers will ask for. Now that the hardware hurdles
(650MHz, 2MB-cache CPUs + 1GB main memory @ 133MHz systems selling
for less that $5000) have been overcome, programmers are on the move.
These programmers are getting paid and putting food on the table. They
are also designing and cutting code and not wasting their time with
marketing issues.

I find it sad that you have chosen not to consider the valuable advice
that has been offered to you. Think again about Vlad's suggestion of
aggressively pursuing sources of funding. If you really in your soul
believe that the OS is where the problem lies, then go for it.

Do you realize that Lynx and much of the code in it's gut will not
survive another decade? You're trying to hatch a dinosaur egg.


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