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Internet Wire

From: Internet Wire
Subject: Internet Wire
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 11:45:29 -0700

News and Links from Around the Web.

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Headlines for May 28,1998

Agents Technologies: Ships Copernic 98 Games Edition

Business Week: Offers Free Email And Infoseek Offer New Answers To Job Search Questions

CountryNet: Online Survival Guide For Corporate Expatriates And International 
Road Warriors

KryoTech:  Releases 450MHz `Cool K6-2' Computer

Lifecenter:  IAC Launches Lifecenter Guide

Virtualscape, Inc.: Becomes First Web Host To Provide Public Uptime Statistics

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Catch The Spirit --
A different perspective on houseboat touring.

Russian Hotel Reservation Center --
Plan for that next trip to Novgorod.

Worldwide Pin Registry --
Welcome to the exciting world of lapel pin collecting.

Emmanuel Homeschool Center --
Custom-made curriculum for beginning and veteran homeschoolers.

Floral Art School of Australia --
The path to success starts here.



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