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Internet Wire

From: Internet Wire
Subject: Internet Wire
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 11:35:30 -0700

News and Links from Around the Web

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Headlines for May 18,1998

CNN Interactive And The IDG Network: Team To Deliver Number One Global 
Technology News Resource On The Web

IPO Monitor: Announces Site Enhancements

Lockergnome: The Gnome Is Becoming A Giant

Medweigh, Inc.: A Web-Based Weight Loss Center That Gets Results

Meeting City: An "Oscar" for your website?

Mercury Center: News Site Marks Fifth Anniversary With Move To Free Subscription

NovaStor: Ships NOVANET 7 Alliance Network Backup Software

PM Media: "World Wide Web Radio Show" Now Heard On Talk Radio Network In 52 

Tritium Network: Names Maurice J. Moore Vice President Of Advertising Sales

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