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Internet Wire

From: Internet Wire
Subject: Internet Wire
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 12:37:20 -0700

News and Links from Around the Web.

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Headlines for May 19,1998

The Cyber Media Show: Personalization Discussed With Kim Bayne

DLJ: Stephen Diamond Joins Sprout Group As General Partner

ForteMedia: Announces Fundamental PCI Audio Solution

FTP Software: First To Enable Access To Corporate Data From Microsoft Windows 
Terminal Server

Internet Call Manager: Cincinnati Bell Launches Internet Call Manager Service 
In The U.S.

Infinite Technologies: Email And Voice Mail In An Affordable Solution

InfoQuick: Launches WebStir[tm] For Workgroups

Tuscan Enterprises: Restoration For The Soul: A Villa In Tuscany-- Online

Daily Debuts

Kozmik --
New Age prophecies, space info and Nostradamus.

Rock 'n Roll Fun Machines --
Cycles for all special needs.

How to Buy A Used Car --
Everything you need to know about buying used cars.

Writers Press --
Literature that highlights how disabled children can fit into everyday life.

Wanted Jobs --
Free client-based Windows 95/NT career agent searches.



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