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Internet Wire

From: Internet Wire
Subject: Internet Wire
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 12:35:49 -0700

"Connecting Business to the World"

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May 14,1998 Headlines:

Agents Technologies: Signs With Barry Friedman Enterprises For Worldwide 

BusinessTech: Baby Bell Merger Not What The Congress Intended, Says 
Businesstech's Becker

Cyberjunction: Announces Internet Promotion Program For Travel Suppliers

The Cyber Media Show: Extranets Discussed On The Cyber Media Show
With Kim Bayne

E*Trade Canada And Balisoft: Launch The Internet's First Web-Based Customer 
Service For Investors

The Irish Trade Board: Irish Software Database Launched On CD-ROM And  Internet

LGC Wireless & AG Communication: To Work Together On Wireless In-Building 

Lockergnome: Free Newsgroups for Windows Users

Mecklermedia: Announces Launch Of UK.Internet.Com And Australia.Internet.Com

Tritium Network: Launches Free Internet Service In Dallas/Ft. Worth

Tritium Network: Launches Free Internet Service In Houston

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