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Q: Footnote numbering problem.

From: Kevin Cole
Subject: Q: Footnote numbering problem.
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:50:05 -0400 (EDT)


I'm a relatively new Lout user.  I've written a program (in Python)
which queries a database (PostgreSQL) and generates a catalog/directory
with each entry in the database occupying a single page.  At the bottom
of every page, we want the same two footnotes, since people often xerox
individual pages from the book, and may not heed the warnings in the
introduction of the book.  The program is of type "doc" and I'm using
personal setup (mydoc) based on the stock doc file from the SysInclude

Well, the problem is this: After several passes through Lout, the first
12 pages of the document still have reference problems and display the
footnotes with "??" in place of a number.  However, the next 115 pages
are fine, with a footnote numbered 1.  (I haven't inserted the second
footnote stuff into the program yet.)

I'm not doing anything special with the first 12 pages.  The program
simply loops through the data and does the same thing for every page.
Resorting the data makes no difference, so it's not something inherent
in the data itself.

Any suggestions as to the cause?

 Kevin Cole, RHCE, Linux Admin  |  E-mail:  address@hidden
 Gallaudet Research Institute   |  WWW:     http://gri.gallaudet.edu/~kjcole/
 Hall Memorial Bldg  S-419      |  Voice:   (202) 651-5135
 Washington, D.C.  20002-3695   |  FAX:     (202) 651-5746

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