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Re: Questions about PlainText Documents

From: Meszaros Attila
Subject: Re: Questions about PlainText Documents
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 17:44:22 +0200 (CEST)


> * table rows only 1 or 2 character high instead of the current 5
    ok, I've found the suitable options conditionally for plaintext:
    marginbelow { 0f }
    marginabove { 1f }
> * use '-', '_', '|' characters for table rules instead of dots
    I've also found
    ruleplainchar { - }
    option, but it modifies uniformly all ruler characters.
    What about introducing at least the following two options?
        horizontalruleplainchar { - }
        verticalruleplainchar { | }
    and possibly 
    uperleft, uperright....?

> * a possibility to set absolut positions
    This third question is still too hard for me.
    Can anyone give an advice how to start?

And a new question: even a matrix printer in character mode is able to
produce characters in _normal_ and _condensed_ mode. It would enable us
to use two different font size optionally in text documents meant to be
printed on such a printer. 

How does is it sound for a lout expert? is it possible?


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