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Re: Questions about PlainText Documents

From: Meszaros Attila
Subject: Re: Questions about PlainText Documents
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 10:55:14 +0200 (CEST)


> It should not be hard for someone to modify tblf and tbl to do this.
> I'm not sure what would happen at the corners though.
        yeah... good news.

> There is the @Place symbol, but I have a horrible feeling that it
> does not work with plain text.  More detail on precisely what you
> want and why you want it would help.
        Actually we want to fill preprinted paper forms, that's why we
        need absolut positioning (of course with max half character error
        in placement.)

> I guess you mean plain text output but with two fonts and some kind of
> escape sequence to switch between them, embedded in the text.  
        yes, something like that.....
> Do other word processing systems support this kind of output?
        No, actually I haven't found any system with such or similar
        feature. Lout is in fact unique in producing formatted plain text
        __and__ ps output from a single high level document definition.

        That's why I try to trigger the extension of Lout...
        The new interface may be called matrix, or anything else, since
        it really differs from plain text mode in the escape charecters
        which in worst case can be printer dependent...


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