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Re: modules and branches

From: Jakob Hummes
Subject: Re: modules and branches
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 18:27:38 +0100

Basically I have the same problem and I'm also searching a solution.  It
seems that the problem is not easilt solved by CVS.

I try to reformulate the problem for easier discussion.

Assuming we have the subdirectories A and B within a larger project;
both have different branches to add new features (for different planned

        feature A branch:  /---(
A:   ... -----(2.2)-----(2.3)-----(2.4)-----(2.5)

        feature B branch:  /---(
B:   ... -----(3.2)-----(3.3)-----(3.4)-----(3.5)

(The version numbers are just a hint, in reality there're probably no
major version differences between the files in both directories.)

No the problem is that the application for one release is composed of
the normal application main branch + one feature branch, i.e. the
cuurent status would be:

Application release A: A + B 3.5
Application release B: A 2.5 + B

Obviously I could tag the first release with "A", the other with "B" on
the current status.  Unfortunatley doing an update I get then the older
version, if I commited any changes on the branches.  So what I really
want is to say:

Application A consists of the newest files from feature branch A + the
newest files on the main line otherwise.  Similar for B.  And of course,
I want to define this only once, and not every time I do an update.

Until now, I haven't found a solution using CVS for this problem.  Is it
possible at all?

Later on, merging the changes after the release back into the main trunk
seems also to become a nightmare with CVS if a lot of files are
affected.  But this is another story...

Thanks in advance,
- Jakob

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