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modules and branches

From: Wayne Price
Subject: modules and branches
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 16:18:36 +0000

Can anyone tell me how I can achieve the following using CVS. There
is one way I can do it but it seems awfully messy...

Given that I have a couple of projects, say App1 and App2, and each
of these has two branches:

The above is fine, and we get the following results:

% cvs co App1
  Checks out the main App1 tree as required

% cvs co -r App1-FeatureRelease App1
  Checks out the App1 sources including the features

and so on.

Suppose now we have a separate module to do, for example, licensing.
The licensing we may want across any and all applications.

Simple I thought... edit the modules file and specify something like:
  App1 App1 &LicenseCode
  App2 App2 &LicenseCode

Now when I issue
% cvs co App1
% cvs co App2
I get, as required, App1/App2 with LicenseCode as a sub-dir. Perfect.


% cvs co -r App1-FeatureRelease App1
will check out the App1 code with the features, but the LicenseCode
directory is empty (except the CVS dir). The main reason being that
the LicenseCode module doesn't have any tags 'App1-FeatureRelease',

Now the messy way is to add all of these tags to the LicenseCode
module. Are there any alternatives to that. Is there something I've
missed which will do what I want?


Wayne Price
IT consultant

PS. Please copy replies to address@hidden as I'm
not subscribed to this mailing list.

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