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Re: Connecting to a CVS-server on port *2402*

From: David H. Thornley
Subject: Re: Connecting to a CVS-server on port *2402*
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 10:51:22 -0600

Donald Sharp wrote:
> >From my recollections, aix only had somthing listed at port 2401
> in /etc/services.  It wasn't being used( unless you happen to be
> using that service, and as I recall it was something very esoteric ).
> I would recommend just changing your /etc/services to
> point at cvs at port 2401
IIRC, it was something to do with printing in a cluster, which
could be vital to some sites.

You could complain to IBM.  They might listen, but I don't see
them doing much about it.  They are the people that did this
in the first place.  (On the other hand, looking at /etc/services
on the AIX box I've got access to, it does list
writesrv  2401/tcp   # Temporary Port Number
so maybe IBM would be willing to move it to a non-reserved port
number.  In a later OS version.)

The issue with 2401 is not that the server can't be changed to
another port with some quick config file changes, but that the
clients know that 2401 is the right port.  (Similarly, I don't
know what uses writesrv, and that would be practically impossible
to change locally.)

> > Port 2401 is officially registered to CVS -- you really ought to fix
> > your AIX box so that it isn't misusing a reserved port.
> >
There are reasons I don't like AIX.  This is one of them.  It flunks
"Plays well with others".

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