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Re: modules and branches

From: Wayne Price
Subject: Re: modules and branches
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 10:22:03 +0000

> > % cvs co -r App1-FeatureRelease App1
> > will check out the App1 code with the features, but the LicenseCode
> > directory is empty (except the CVS dir). The main reason being that
> > the LicenseCode module doesn't have any tags 'App1-FeatureRelease',
> > etc.
> >
> > Now the messy way is to add all of these tags to the LicenseCode
> > module. Are there any alternatives to that. Is there something I've
> > missed which will do what I want?
> cvs co -f?

This works... thanks.

But... it throws up various warnings when trying to do some other CVS
things. Ideally it would be nice if the modules file could be updated
to allow something like:
  MyProject MyProject &Module1:BranchA

Anyway, my 2p worth... I have a solution for my immediate problem...


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