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Re: [gcmd-dev] Website update.

From: Magnus Stålnacke
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Website update.
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 23:09:39 +0100
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Magnus Stålnacke wrote:

(no links working, just the indexpage)

I have now managed to test it in IE-6. Yea, it looked
ugly. Now i have made some small fixes so IE-6 handles
it, well at least not broken. Anyone having access to IE 7?

What i did?
IE-6 do not handle "position:fixed", but it do accept
conditional comments, so i did:
<!--[if IE 6]>
#menu {position:absolute; ....}

I may need to adjust the condition to match IE-5 and 7 too,
i wonder if it takes a wildcard? Cannot test until tomorrow.

And IE does not handle PNG transparency correct, so i just
re-saved those bg-images with a sensible backround color,
though still transparent in browsers that can handle it.

Have a look.

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