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Re: [gcmd-dev] Website update (solved)

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] Website update (solved)
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 04:46:33 +0100
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Hard to believe. I relaunched Windows, and now anything works !

Do my modifications of 'Internetoptions' suddenly work now ?
It comes to my mind that maybe i had to re reboot to get them into effect ?
There was no warning though. 

But now....I logged off and on again, and it's broken again !
I logged in as administrator to check related system security policies, and 
suddenly here  opening Internetoptions get me:

 'You are not allowed to perform this action due to restrictions in effect on 
this computer. Please contact your administrator'.

Funny. Hey i really would do but admin is *so* busy with debugging µ$ he never 
even listens :)

I have to assume this installation is broken - i'm sorry no IE7 testing anymore 

This new IE7 is incredible dull when you're used to a fully plugged firefox. 
I can't even prevent it to open the ISPs advert page on launch, it just ignores 
any custom setting. This is a preinstalled OEM version, regularly updated, but 
they still don't have a real favourite editor. 

btw. the only update i refuse since a year or so is the 'malicious software 
removal tool' which also validates if the installation is legal. I just am 
curious where it will end. Can they enforce it ? I can't imagine this to be 
related but who knows Windows. Maybe tomorrow i'll just do the update.

I just get the feedback from someone running Vista, anything works there too.
Screenshot attached. Image positions always differ mainly on various screen 

greeds, mi

There's a long-standing bug relating to the x86 architecture that
allows you to install Windows.
        -- Matthew D. Fuller

"And in the quiet of the datacenter block, you suddenly hear a lonely Windows 

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