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RE: [ft] IPA font baseline

From: Ling Xiaohan
Subject: RE: [ft] IPA font baseline
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011 11:21:11 +0800

Sorry !
URL of IPA Minchao font :
There is two parameters. The 1st one is font file's path, 2nd one is the
to be rendered.
Ex. command line -> example1.exe c:/ipam.ttf ahg
The result of my PC is attached file 're.jpg'.
example1.c was updated, please use the new attached one.
Thanks !

-----Original Message-----
> Attached file is the example from FT.

Which parameters shall I give the demo program?  What output do you

> Font file of IPA Minchao is
> too large, so download it self :( URL:

Which one?  Please provide a more precise link.


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