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RE: [ft] IPA font baseline

From: Ling Xiaohan
Subject: RE: [ft] IPA font baseline
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 11:32:22 +0800

Hi Werner,
Thanks for your reply.
A new question is that which API can I use to load a vertical glyph of 
a character such as '、' of Japanese is to be appear in top-right when
vertical mode.

-----Original Message-----
>>> The result you get is correct.  Attached is the glyph `h' as shown in
>>> fontforge: All ASCII glyphs `float' above the base line instead of
>>> touching it!
> If all ASCIIs float, 'a' touched the baseline of my result in 're.jpg'.
> So is it correct ?

Yes.  This is called `overshoot':


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