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RE: [ft] IPA font baseline

From: Ling Xiaohan
Subject: RE: [ft] IPA font baseline
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 18:25:14 +0800

Hi, thanks for reply !
Attached file is the example from FT. Font file of IPA Minchao is too large,
download it self :( URL:
Thank you very much.

-----Original Message-----
> I use FT2.3.1 to parse IPA fonts - IPA Minchao.

This is more than three years old!  The current FreeType version is

> The last parameter of function FT_Load_Glyph() was set to
> FT_LOAD_DEFAULT, so that font glyph could be hinted before load out.
> But metrics of output glyph seems wrong because characters do not
> arrange along the baseline.  For example, bearingY > height of
> character 'g', isn't it weird?  Anyone encountered this problem?

Horizontal or vertical layout?  For the former, x=0 is the baseline
for all glyphs.  Please provide a code snippet $(Q#| compilable, and
executable on the command line $(Q#| which demonstrates your problem.

Have you checked the code samples from the tutorial?


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