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Re: gnustep on redhat 7.0

From: Stephen G. Walizer
Subject: Re: gnustep on redhat 7.0
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 20:41:29 -0400

This was a complete wash... neither pgcc nor egcs from RedHat 6.2
will compile under RedHat 7.0, and I don't currently have the time to
debug them... ah well, it was worth a shot...

On Wed, 04 Oct 2000, Stephen G. Walizer wrote:
> Ok, I've got a SRPM for pgcc 2.95.3 (gcc 2.95.2 with a pentium optimizations
> patch for those that have never heard of it) that compiles on RedHat 6.2 and
> builds GNUstep fine... I'm currently trying to rebuild the RPMS on RedHat 7.0.
> If that works I'll try to build GNUstep cvs from source. Assuming all this 
> goes
> well, I'll make the RPMS available for download on my website and post here
> to lety everyone know this worked =) (this may take a few days, as I only have
> RH 7 on my PII 333 Thinkpad and am in no hurry to put it on my desktop until
> this compiler issue is resolved)
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      .. address@hidden ..

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