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Re: gnustep on redhat 7.0

From: Georg Huettenegger
Subject: Re: gnustep on redhat 7.0
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 15:37:40 +0200 (CEST)

> I'd suggest not bothering with the gcc maintainers... they are apparently
> a little miffed at the RedHat use of a non-release version of the compiler
> and will not support it... the full statement is here:
> http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-announce/2000/msg00003.html

interesting (fortunately i could already read in one rh 7.0 bug report
that redhat itself feels at least partly responsible and wants to support
their gcc-2.96) but to me it seems that even among gcc maintainers there
are different views regarding this point (but it may well be that the
other view consists of cygnus employess and that they are forced to have
this "other" oppinion).

> on a related note, turns out there is an obj-c module for egcs-compat,
> it's on disk 2 of the 7.0 install... unfortunately it links against the old
> compat glibc, so when compiling the current gnustep core (CVS) it
> appears to die when it attempts to resolve symbols in Xlib, which is not
> compatible with the old glibc... 

i missed that rpm. i'll give that module a try for myself and report if i
have more success than you.

> What a mess... I'm about  ready to stick with RedHat 6.2 on my main box,
> keep using pgcc 2.95.3, and upgrade X to 4.0 on my own... 

i already did a manual update before switching one of my boxes to rh 7.0
(of course using a seperate partition :->) but i must say redhat 7.0 is a
much nicer distribution in my eyes (for example ppp configuration was as
smooth as it could possibly be and contrary to rh 6.2 all accompanying ppp
modules are correctly configured).


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